While waiting for eng subs Fated to love you latest episode  i decide to do something useful! Cleaning my queue on ravelry @__@… im embrassed to say first number but we will see how many pattern i can clean..

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These mittens on eBay are awesome!  They came up in one of my automatic searches because they are made with Kauni wool (I LOVE Kauni).  Click through the picture for the listing.  There is also a link to the ravelry pattern if you want to make them yourself.
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Baby Boy cardigan by Amelie ClaireFree pattern by Kawaii Blythe
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Amigurumi little Mushroom free pattern by Grietje Karwietje
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Experimenting with the chevron  pattern using various stitches. From top down we have single crochet, extended single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet. #chevron #crochet #crochetexperiments
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I was always intimidated by charted patterns but I’m so glad I decided to learn. I love this pattern.
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I’m amassing an army.
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Uncredited Pinterest find (let me know if you made it!) that perfectly describes my night tonight. Anyone else?
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Hexagon granny pin cushion free pattern by Leanda Xavian
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