Win very curious about the copyright laws now; some amigurumi users give out patterns free but ask that you don't sell the items made from it; wouldn't it be more of a moral issue if you chose to sell it? I'm not arguing I'm just curious since loads of people sell items made off patterns only to get attacked by the designer and their friends, and tarnishing that seller as a thief. Do they have a right to be like that to the seller for making and selling without permission? Is it more on morals?


Based on the current law, designers who publish their patterns do not have the right to tell their pattern users what to do with the items they make using the pattern. They can tell you not to copy and distribute the pattern itself though.

I really don’t see how morals come into it. What is immoral about selling something you own? It has not been stolen, you made it. It is not stealing their idea, you paid for or were granted for free the right to use the pattern. Using the pattern means you will end up with a finished product that belongs to you. You can do what you wish with that product.

Immoral would be redistributing the pattern as your own. Immoral would be claiming the design as your own if someone asks you. A lot of people link back to the pattern source for this reason, which is great, but not required by law.

To summarize, the designers do not have the right to tell users of their published patterns what to do with their finished products, regardless if they are a private seller on etsy or a big corporation.

They use the excuse of “morality” to try and maintain a monopoly over the use of their product so that they can make more money. Now tell me, what is more immoral - selling something that belongs to you, or trying to control someone else’s right to do so for personal financial gain by threatening and bullying them into submission?

Thanks for the ask!

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I’m crocheting a Ty.
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They had it coming…
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Scrappy Crochet Blanket 2 by ~ PixieFey ~
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My current work in progress. Crochet baby afgan blanket
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The beginning of a new afghan. #stashbuster #crochet
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(via lalylala: Unique Crochet Doll Patterns | One of a Kindness)

Check out these adorable crochet dolls!
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In celebration of my last crochet post, I have decided to revisit an old design of tangela. I have also decided to write out a pattern for whoever wants to try making it themselves.

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